How to use CLIPSO SO DECO to keep the summer vibes thriving all year long

Clipso SO Deco stretch fabric system sunset wall design in living room for statewide general contracting and construction

With summer coming to an end, we say goodbye to the lovely vibes that come with it…or at least we thought so. What if you could enjoy those exceptional vibes all year long? Now you can enjoy your favorite summer memories forever with the CLIPSO SO DECO stretch fabric system!

Clipso SO Deco stretch fabric system with a coral reef with fish wall design in a bedroom for statewide general contracting and construction

The SO DECO stretch fabric from CLIPSO enables you to print practically any image or design you wish on fabric ceilings, walls, and frames. Turn your home into a fully customized sanctuary tailored to your specific interest. CLIPSO also offers a wide variety of printable stretch fabrics such as their SO ACOUSTIC, SO LIGHT, and Standard Coverings. They offer inspiration for you to browse on their website with their ready-to-use galleries, where you can find images that invoke your favorite summer vibes. Personalize your space with your favorite pictures or create your own art to make it feel like home. With the ultimate custom design ability, the possibilities are endless. You can even add lighting to your stretch fabric design to give it the essence of summer.

Clipso SO Deco stretch fabric system witha ocean shore sunset with birds flying wall design in a bathroom for statewide general contracting and construction

CLIPSO offers endless possibilities with their size potential as well. With CLIPSO’s wide-span printing capabilities, you can use your images and designs up to 16 feet wide by 144 feet long without joints or seams. However, you can go practically as large as you want by marrying up multiple prints.

Clipso SO Deco stretch fabric system of a sunrise ocean view wall design in a conference room for statewide general contracting and construction

Capture those sunrise beach walks, late-night bonfires, or relaxing sunsets with CLIPSO and enjoy those memories and vibes every day of the year. At Statewide General Contracting and Construction, we only use the highest quality of stretch fabric products to ensure your stretch fabric system looks stunning and lasts. It is why we’re proud to be the exclusive provider of Clipso and Novawalls stretch fabrics in Hawaii! Novawall and Clipso allow us to bring your design goals to life to make every room astonishing.

Clipso SO Deco stretch fabric system with a ocean image with fish swimming for a front desk wall design for statewide general contracting and construction

Schedule a free consultation to set up your stretch fabric design! Read our last blog to learn how stretch fabric systems benefit your studio.

Creative Ways To Use Stretch Fabric In Your Kids Rooms

A child's room with stretch fabric cloud forms on the wall for the statewide blog

Designing your children’s room can feel like a task all in itself, but it doesn’t have to be! Using stretch fabric is both an affordable and original way to make the bedroom look fun.

Not only do stretch fabrics allow you to personalize your kid’s room how you want it, but they are also super easy to apply!

Stretch Fabric Accent Walls

Incorporating a playful accent wall can make all the difference when it comes to the look and feel of your kid’s room. This adds a pop of color and texture while also keeping the room cohesive.

Stretch fabrics are perfect for creating that artistic aspect into your boy or girl’s room. Anything from stripes + polka dots to fun art prints like animal designs can be just what the room needs to bring it to life!

Be mindful of the furniture pieces and other aspects of the room that you will be incorporating, so that the accent wall will complement the space.

A stretch fabric accent wall in a kid's room for the statewide blog

Cloud Forms

A popular way to add lighting to your kid’s bedroom would be using cloud forms! They are simply unique and customizable light fixtures that can be built into your ceilings for optimal brightness.

A new + more modern take on your standard lighting, cloud forms are a great option for those of you who want that tailor-made design. From shape to fabric, there are many options to choose from.

Cloud forms will add dimension and an overall eclectic design element to your children’s bedroom!

Acoustic Wall Panels / Ceilings

When it comes to the design of your kid’s room, sound-proof walls are a must. As we all know, our little ones make lots of noise during playtime or even when they are trying to fall asleep at night.

Creating a sound-proof environment for their bedroom will allow them to sleep well at night without having to hear noise coming from the other room.

Acoustic wall panels/ceilings work to alleviate any sounds coming into the bedroom and reduce echo/noise levels inside the bedroom as well. They provide a nice look to the room and serve a purpose.

Acoustic stretch fabric panels on a wall for the statewide blog

If you are looking for a beautiful renovation for your kid’s bedroom or your home in general, visit the Statewide website to learn more about the different services we offer! Schedule a consultation to set up your stretch fabric design.

Why Novawall and Clipso?

A stretch fabric wall design in a home for the statewide blog

You’ve decided you want to install a stretch fabric system! Now it’s time to choose what kind of material, structure, and functionality you want for your stretch fabric system. There is an abundance of options for you to choose from on the market, but there is a reason why here at Statewide General Contracting and Construction, we use Novawall and Clipso stretch fabrics.


Novawall has spent the last 25 years developing its patented slim profile track. Known for their acoustical stretched fabric wall and ceiling installations, Novawall designed their systems to provide an acoustic solution for the varied spaces of modern design. Their installs are conducted solely by factory-trained personnel to ensure their installation standards get upheld to provide the best quality. They are also the leader in fire testing in the industry and have influenced safer fire code standards. Novawall was among the first in the industry to market sustainable products too.


  • Longest Warranty In The Industry
  • International Network Of Distributors
  • Industry Leader In Fire Testing
  • Eligible For Leed Accreditation
    Made In The USA
A stretch fabric wall design in the living room for the statewide blog


Clipso has spent the last 25 years developing its patented profile tracks to offer a variety of materials to decrease the weight, increase the ease of installation, and increase the durability, all while remaining practically invisible. Through continual innovation, Clipso can create stretch fabric designs for any of your spaces, from an office to a bedroom, bringing your design idea to life. They have even built a manufacturing plant and design office to ensure they meet their high standards throughout the entire process, from printing the design to installation.


  • Cold And Dry Installation
  • 10-Year Factory Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Environmentally-Friendly Covers, Greenguard certified covers
  • A+ Certified Covers
  • Ce Certified Products
  • Innovative ABS, ALU, and PVC profiles
  • Made in France
Rose stretch fabric wall design for the statewide blog

At Statewide General Contracting and Construction, we only use the highest quality of stretch fabric products to ensure your stretch fabric system looks stunning and lasts. It is why we’re proud to be the exclusive provider of Clipso and Novawalls stretch fabrics in Hawaii! Novawall and Clipso allow us to bring your design goals to life to make every room astonishing. 

Schedule a consultation to set up your stretch fabric design! Read our last blog to learn how stretch fabric systems can benefit your studio.

How stretch fabric systems can benefit your studio

Image: Producer in the studio

Researching sound dampening techniques for better acoustics in your studio? Search no further. Every sound engineer, producer, and musician knows the importance of acoustics in a studio. No one wants that annoying echo in their recordings. Instead of paying for a plethora of acoustic panels, install stretch fabric to achieve that perfect sound you’ve been searching for.

Image: Producer in the studio

Benefits of using stretch fabric systems in your studio

  • Sounds generated are properly absorbed.
  • Reduce reverberation, take up to 6 seconds off the reverberation rate.
  • Even diffusion of sound vibration in the air blocks.
  • Many color options to choose from.
  • Use custom designs to personalize your studio.
  • Stretch fabrics can also accommodate backlighting to create that aesthetic ambiance.
Image: Colorful Stretch Fabric

Where should you put the stretch fabric in your studio?

When it comes to placement of your stretch fabric system there are practically no limitations. You can use them to cover your ceilings and walls and can even suspend them from the ceilings. Anywhere you need to dampen access noise in your studio stretch fabric systems can solve it. Leave the logistics to us!

Music studio with stretch fabric

The prepwork for setting up an acoustic stretch fabric system for your studio

The first step is to assess the sonic environment of the room. To evaluate the state of the room, you need to look at the building’s acoustic insulation and acoustic absorption. To do this you have to look at the materials used in construction, the partitions in your building, the furniture, and the windows. This allows you to calculate the acoustic absorption coefficient, which is calculated from the number of sound waves coming into contact with a material. The highest this can be is 1.00, which means 100% sound absorption. You’re aiming to make an acoustic absorption coefficient of 0.75 or greater to maximize sound absorption and minimize reverberation. You don’t have to worry about doing this though, we will take care of this for you! To learn more about the installation process for stretch fabric systems, check out our blog, How Is Stretch Fabric Installed.

Image: movie theatre with stretch fabric

What fabric systems to use for your acoustic studio stretch fabric system

There are many options out there to choose from however, we have come to love Clipso and Novawall for their quality and ease of installation. Here are some of their acoustic stretch fabric options they offer.

Creative ideas for your studio stretch fabric design

Here are some innovative designs to get your creative juices flowing!

stretch fabric ceiling
A stretch fabric wall
A stretch fabric music room

Schedule a consultation with us today to bring your stretch fabric ideas and plans to life!

Cover Unfinished Pipes or Unaesthetic Ceilings

get rid of ugly ceilings

Changing the unsightly appearance of your ceiling or wanting to make a trendy shift from the ordinary can be laborious to even think about. Whether it be pipes that affect the aesthetic of your house or just grim designs, factors like this can ruin how welcoming your home feels to you and your guests. Some of us don’t even know where to start, which is why we’ve put together a shortlist of ways to cover unfinished pipes or unaesthetic ceilings.

Pipe Boxing

Image: Pipe Boxing

Pipe boxing is very literal, building boxing around the pipes. It is an effective way to hide the ill-favored look of pipes that plumbers might have had to retrofit onto walls. This type of coverage is more common in kitchens or bathrooms where the pipes come straight out of the ceilings or floor. If you’re pretty handy, you can do this yourself and adjust it to your own boxing design. 

Dry Wall

Image: Dry Wall

Drywall can be used in any scenario. You can still use drywall if you do the pipe boxing method by applying the drywall on top of your pipe encasement to better suit your wall design and diminish the look of the boxing. If you choose not to do the pipe boxing method, you can apply drywall around the pipes to make them less visible, though this won’t completely hide them. One of your options with drywall could also include dropping your ceiling and applying layers of drywall to cover it. Keep in mind that if you were to need access to these pipes, the removal of this now dropped ceiling would need to be done.

Ceiling Tiles

We mentioned dropped ceilings and drywall in our previous tip, but many types of ceiling tiles and cover-ups serve as an economical solution:

  • surface-mount ceiling tiles
  • Tin ceilings
  • Styrofoam ceiling tiles
  • Paneling 
  • PVC ceiling tiles

If space allows you don’t have to have a dropped ceiling to apply these methods. Ceiling tiles and coverings as such can also be an easier way to express your artistic desires for your ceiling.

Nuwalls Stretch Fabric

Image: A wall designed with Nuwalls Stretch Fabric.


For a more breathable yet still viable solution, there is Nuwalls stretch fabric. Stretch fabric can be customizable to your liking and design. It is durable and mold and mildew resistant. Also, unlike some other solutions, it will absorb noise pollution. This may require a dropped ceiling but can ultimately be placed on top of other types of encasements to make installation easier. For more information on our Nuwalls stretch fabric and the best solution for you contact us today!