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As we celebrate the birth of our nation, we’d be remiss if we didn’t celebrate and share the production capabilities of our partner, CLIPSO® Americas, Inc. 

SO® AERO custom-built frames, clouds, and lightboxes are proudly assembled here in the USA! SO® AERO’s digital cutting machine, digital bending machine, and skilled production staff allow us to meticulously create and assemble such masterpieces as displayed below.

This project at Macy’s flagship store in NYC required 83 SO AERO aluminum frames using CDA75 and a double-ply membrane using SO LIGHT 50% Translucent coverings for the visible face and SO LIGHT 70% Translucent coverings for the dust layer. Lighting was installed behind the frames. 

The possibilities for this corporate office in a historic building in downtown Detroit were limited due to the concrete coffered ceilings that could not be changed or covered over until CLIPSO offered a solution. 84 SO AERO aluminum frames measuring 4′ x 4′ were suspended within the grid pattern cavities of the ceiling. These frames were constructed using CDA50 aluminum profiles and a double-ply membrane of SO LIGHT 50% Translucent 308 T coverings for the visible face and SO LIGHT 70% Translucent 309 T coverings for the dust layer. Lighting was easily incorporated. 

The ceiling in Bethel Gospel Assembly Church in NYC was originally wooden panels, and acoustics was an issue. So CLIPSO designed 44 SO AERO acoustical clouds for this 8,000-square-foot ceiling. The suspended clouds consist of CPA67 profiles and SO ACOUSTIC COLOR 495 AC coverings in Hazel with LA-53 acoustic batting behind.

This corporate headquarters in Ohio was initially unsure of a concept and wanted a few ideas for its 2,500-square-foot training auditorium ceiling. After discussing options, they decided on 32 SO AERO frames which would be staggered for a more three-dimensional appearance. The frames were custom painted to match the selected SO ACOUSTIC COLOR 495 AC coverings in Seafoam, custom bent, digitally cut, and assembled. CAC 140 aluminum profiles were used, along with RA04 reinforcements and two layers of LA 53 acoustical batting.

CLIPSO Americas, Inc. help bring your masterpieces to life with SO AERO custom-built frames, clouds, and lightboxes. Schedule a consultation today with Statewide and start your next custom project to life!

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