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The History of the CLIPSO Group

The history of the CLIPSO group goes back to 1997 when the first systems for fitting and specialist covers were introduced by a small family business in France. A few years later, the concept launched on the market, which opened up possibilities for both professional and individual clients. From there they were able to start using cold-fitted CLIPSO stretch fabrics for all their interior spaces.

CLIPSO's Growth

With high demand, they began expanding their production, and to further develop their range of fabrics, CLIPSO created their own Research and Development lab.

In 2007, CLIPSO began its international strategy targeting USA, Russia, and more when Mrs. Catherine Geis joined the company as commercial director. With experts on the team, CLIPSO began developing certified materials in compliance with international standards, such as ISO 9001 and CE. It then began the introduction of acoustic, antibacterial, and water-repellent products.

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International Expansion

 In 2011, expansion grew to Brazil, Asia, the UK, and the Middle East. As international development continued, so did their fabrics. Adding colored, sequined, and translucent fabrics were just the beginning of their growth. 

Continued Success

Success followed CLIPSO into adding a new line of business in 2014, a large-scale digital printing center to ensure the quality of printing for their clients. Last but not least, in 2016 they released two new CLIPSO brands. CLIPSO Design focuses on printing, customization, and design. And Aeroceiling offers a full range of bespoke and standard frames.

Transform Your Space

Overall, the CLIPSO stretch fabric system is a great option for anyone looking to incorporate stretch fabrics into their home or business projects. We at Statewide General Contracting and Construction are proud to be the only company in Hawaii certified to install CLIPSO stretch fabrics.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can transform your space! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on all things Statewide General Contracting and Construction.

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