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How to use CLIPSO SO DECO to keep the summer vibes thriving all year long

With summer coming to an end, we say goodbye to the lovely vibes that come with it…or at least we thought so. What if you could enjoy those exceptional vibes all year long? Now you can enjoy your favorite summer memories forever with the CLIPSO SO DECO stretch fabric system!

Clipso SO Deco stretch fabric system with a coral reef with fish wall design in a bedroom for statewide general contracting and construction

The SO DECO stretch fabric from CLIPSO enables you to print practically any image or design you wish on fabric ceilings, walls, and frames. Turn your home into a fully customized sanctuary tailored to your specific interest. CLIPSO also offers a wide variety of printable stretch fabrics such as their SO ACOUSTIC, SO LIGHT, and Standard Coverings. They offer inspiration for you to browse on their website with their ready-to-use galleries, where you can find images that invoke your favorite summer vibes. Personalize your space with your favorite pictures or create your own art to make it feel like home. With the ultimate custom design ability, the possibilities are endless. You can even add lighting to your stretch fabric design to give it the essence of summer.

Clipso SO Deco stretch fabric system witha ocean shore sunset with birds flying wall design in a bathroom for statewide general contracting and construction

CLIPSO offers endless possibilities with their size potential as well. With CLIPSO’s wide-span printing capabilities, you can use your images and designs up to 16 feet wide by 144 feet long without joints or seams. However, you can go practically as large as you want by marrying up multiple prints.

Clipso SO Deco stretch fabric system of a sunrise ocean view wall design in a conference room for statewide general contracting and construction

Capture those sunrise beach walks, late-night bonfires, or relaxing sunsets with CLIPSO and enjoy those memories and vibes every day of the year. At Statewide General Contracting and Construction, we only use the highest quality of stretch fabric products to ensure your stretch fabric system looks stunning and lasts. It is why we’re proud to be the exclusive provider of Clipso and Novawalls stretch fabrics in Hawaii! Novawall and Clipso allow us to bring your design goals to life to make every room astonishing.

Clipso SO Deco stretch fabric system with a ocean image with fish swimming for a front desk wall design for statewide general contracting and construction

Schedule a free consultation to set up your stretch fabric design! Read our last blog to learn how stretch fabric systems benefit your studio.

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