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How stretch fabric systems can benefit your studio

Researching sound dampening techniques for better acoustics in your studio? Search no further. Every sound engineer, producer, and musician knows the importance of acoustics in a studio. No one wants that annoying echo in their recordings. Instead of paying for a plethora of acoustic panels, install stretch fabric to achieve that perfect sound you’ve been searching for.

Image: Producer in the studio

Benefits of using stretch fabric systems in your studio

  • Sounds generated are properly absorbed.
  • Reduce reverberation, take up to 6 seconds off the reverberation rate.
  • Even diffusion of sound vibration in the air blocks.
  • Many color options to choose from.
  • Use custom designs to personalize your studio.
  • Stretch fabrics can also accommodate backlighting to create that aesthetic ambiance.
Image: Colorful Stretch Fabric

Where should you put the stretch fabric in your studio?

When it comes to placement of your stretch fabric system there are practically no limitations. You can use them to cover your ceilings and walls and can even suspend them from the ceilings. Anywhere you need to dampen access noise in your studio stretch fabric systems can solve it. Leave the logistics to us!

Music studio with stretch fabric

The prepwork for setting up an acoustic stretch fabric system for your studio

The first step is to assess the sonic environment of the room. To evaluate the state of the room, you need to look at the building’s acoustic insulation and acoustic absorption. To do this you have to look at the materials used in construction, the partitions in your building, the furniture, and the windows. This allows you to calculate the acoustic absorption coefficient, which is calculated from the number of sound waves coming into contact with a material. The highest this can be is 1.00, which means 100% sound absorption. You’re aiming to make an acoustic absorption coefficient of 0.75 or greater to maximize sound absorption and minimize reverberation. You don’t have to worry about doing this though, we will take care of this for you! To learn more about the installation process for stretch fabric systems, check out our blog, How Is Stretch Fabric Installed.

Image: movie theatre with stretch fabric

What fabric systems to use for your acoustic studio stretch fabric system

There are many options out there to choose from however, we have come to love Clipso and Novawall for their quality and ease of installation. Here are some of their acoustic stretch fabric options they offer.

Creative ideas for your studio stretch fabric design

Here are some innovative designs to get your creative juices flowing!

stretch fabric ceiling
A stretch fabric wall
A stretch fabric music room

Schedule a consultation with us today to bring your stretch fabric ideas and plans to life!

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