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Creative ways to use stretch ceiling fabric in your home

Image: stretched ceiling fabric

Stretch Ceilings and their Growing Popularity

Forget boring and hard to design ceilings! Stretch fabric ceilings make creativity and installation so much easier. In case you’re unaware of exactly what a stretch ceiling is, it consists of two main elements: A track line installed in the wall perimeters of the room along with a PVC-based film that clips into the perimeter track and stretches.

Installation takes less than a few hours and perfectly hides old stucco ceilings or exposed pipes and un-aesthetically pleasing imperfections.

Why it’s a better alternative

A few of the reasons for opting in to stretch fabric ceilings are its facilitated functionality. From a hassle-free installation to its broad range of design options. Anything you can think of, you can most likely get printed on your stretch fabric ceiling which makes it easier to achieve the ceiling of your dreams. They can be installed virtually anywhere, including bathrooms, and guest rooms, and even serve as a protective barrier against ceilings that may contain asbestos. They can also undertake over 130 gallons of water so that’s another protection plus. The overall verdict is that they are safe, durable, and gorgeous!


While the creative design is completely up to you and your taste, we’ve included some feature images for inspiration.

Image: Suspended stretch fabric ceiling design in an office.
Image: Backlit forest top stretch fabric ceiling design.
Image: A geometric stretch ceiling design in an office.


Where do you go to get stretch fabric installed in your home or business? We are the only installer of Novawall and Clipso stretch fabrics in Hawaii, an innovative solution to limit noise pollution in your home and bring an intricate design to any outdated room. The benefits of using our stretch fabric also include mold and mildew resistance and a backlighting option for your desired light effect. To learn more about this cost-effective and stylish solution, contact us today!

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