Interior Design Trends for Your 2021 Office Remodel

Blue stretch fabric on the wall

With COVID-19 forcing a quarantine, you may have spent an extended period of time away from the office or your retail shop. Upon your return it was more apparent than ever, it’s time for a design upgrade. With 2021 right around the corner, now is as good a time as ever to change up the style and vibe of your work environment to welcome the new year. Take a look at some of the hottest interior design trends for 2021.


1. Naval Color

In 2021, Naval is going to replace the traditional white, grey and beige in office settings, being referred to as the “new neutral.” While it was the 2020 Sherwin Williams Color of the Year, it will continue it’s reign as a hot hue into the new year. Naval is a deeper variation of navy blue and feels elegant while creating contemporary spaces.

2. Texture

Texture in interior design, whether actual or illusion, is unexpected when it comes to commercial spaces. It invites dimension into a room and alleviates the sterile environment that can sometimes be found in an office setting. Play with texture on the walls, floors, or furniture with differing materials such as marble, stone, wall panels, or wooden beams. If you’re looking for something more cost-effective or less permanent, you can opt for stretch fabric which can give the visual effect of texture. 

3. Minimalism

Less is more. Minimalism helps create a calm environment and provides a “blank canvas” for creative thinking. This design philosophy allows you to be selective in the decor you add to a room by ensuring every piece has a utility. A decluttered space reduces stress and anxiety, which is why this is a popular trend for many businesses.

4. Neutrals

Just as Naval creates an atmosphere that’s classy and sleek, so can traditional neutrals. The advantage of using a neutral color in your base design means you have many options when it comes to furnishing and decorating the space, and the flexibility to create warm and cool color schemes.

 5. Plants

Whether live or faux, plants add life to any space. There are many low-maintenance options that make keeping plants in a commercial environment more attainable. Another plus, live plants help replenish oxygen in the air, more oxygen equals more brain power.

Don’t have the space or a green thumb to have plants in your business? You can incorporate them into design and paint them on the wall or install a plant-patterned stretch fabric as an alternative.




6. Statement Pieces

A statement piece is meant to do exactly as it sounds, make a statement. These are typically attractive, exciting, and eye-catching pieces that people notice when they walk into a room. A lot of businesses will add statement pieces to their design as a conversation starter so there is immediately something for them and their customer to talk about. 

7. Large Windows

Large windows invite natural light into your work environment and, while this adds a nice light for ambiance this isn’t just a positive for your aesthetics. Harvard Business Review published the findings of a study that states “access to natural light and views of the outdoors are the number one attribute of the workplace environment.” So, not only are large windows a nice design feature, they can also add to employee happiness, which everyone benefits from.

8. Personality Designs

Having your office or shop designed to reflect your personality and style is an interior decor trend that is becoming widely embraced. It allows you to transform your work space into something that you personally like and tells your customers a bit about you.

From paint color to furniture, you can choose the styles and colors that are comfortable to you while also helping increase your productivity.

There are so many design options to breathe new life into your work environment, including stretch fabric! At Statewide General Contracting and Construction we offer Nuwalls Hawaii, stretch fabric walls and ceilings that provide a safe, cost-effective, and stylish solution to your design needs. Give us a call today for more information and to get started – (808) 689-4115!

Removing Popcorn Ceilings: DIY vs Stretch Fabric

popcorn ceiling

Are you getting tired of looking up at an old-fashioned popcorn ceiling? The textured popcorn ceiling look was all the rage of the 1970s and ’80s, however, the discovery of asbestos in the paint texture and the modernization of technology has allowed us to find a safer and more suitable solution in stretch fabrics. Before you decide to try out a stretch fabric you may be wondering if there’s a way to get rid of a popcorn ceiling yourself. Check out our tips and tricks below:

First, Test for Asbestos

Houses and buildings that were constructed before 1985 have the possibility of still containing asbestos. Asbestos is a heat resistant mineral that was found to have caused numerous cases of cancer and lung disease and should be removed immediately. Even with it being banned by the government in the late 1970s, asbestos could be commonly found in paint texture through the mid-1980s.

Before you try scraping anything yourself, you should collect a sample of the paint texture by taking a small amount from your ceiling and sending it to a lab for testing. If the test comes back positive, you should contact an asbestos professional to have it removed. If the test comes back negative, you’re free to scrape away!


If your asbestos lab results return negative and you decide to proceed with scraping away the popcorn ceiling yourself, then you can proceed with these steps:

  1. Remove all furniture from the room to avoid getting anything dirty.
  2. Cover your walls and floor with plastic sheeting.
  3. Mix a solution of water and dish soap in a spray bottle.
  4. Spray solution on every 5×5 sq. ft. of the ceiling.
  5. Allow the ceiling to soak in the solution for 5-10 minutes.
  6. Scrape.
  7. Repeat!

Stretch Fabric is Mess and Stress-Free

Scraping a popcorn ceiling by hand with a spray bottle is tedious, time-consuming, and very messy. If you are looking to skip all of that mess and stress, then Nuwalls Hawaii is the solution for you! 

Nuwalls Hawaii uses stretch fabric to encapsulate the old popcorn ceiling, which will level and smooth everything out to give it a clean appearance. Using a stretch fabric not only changes the visual aspect of your ceiling with its customizable shapes and designs, but it also expands its functionality by giving you better acoustics, safety features, and backlighting options. 

Nuwalls Hawaii Stretch Fabric

Nuwalls Hawaii is a proud exclusive provider of CLIPSO and NOVAWALL stretch fabrics, and they serve as the perfect way to add both a creative and functional element to any room. Schedule a consultation to get yours today!

Stretch Fabric: The Perfect Interior Solution For Commercial Properties

nuwalls hawaii stretch fabric

Our partner, CLIPSO offers custom-printed stretch fabric solutions for customizing and decorating your home. Reimagine your space with custom imagery with endless possibilities for back-lighting, textures, and colors. Now, we’re excited to introduce CLIPSO SO DECO, an ideal solution for large and small-scale commercial applications.

We can create a design that utilizes our deck of hundreds of images in our online gallery, or send us files of your brand, photography or images. We can print an image up to 16 feet wide by 150 feet long without any joints, or seams. We can even go larger by utilizing multiple prints to create a bigger picture.

After picture selection, choose the covering that will act as a canvas for your imagery. If you’d like to focus on the acoustics of the room, select from a range of  acoustic coverings that will absorb the sound in your building. Our coverings are also available in many translucencies that vary from 30-70% and can help illuminate your print to draw oohs and ahhs from your guests.

Examples of Stretch Fabric in Commercial Facilities


Corporate Corridor – Wilmington, Delaware
Materials: Large-scale custom gradient print on Acoustic 495 D coverings
Installer: Master Interiors   –   Architect: Granum A/I
Project Manager: Mark Washington   –   Photographer: Jamie Spice
Image provided by CLIPSO


Secondary School Hallway – Silverdale, Washington
Materials: Custom print (school name and mascot) on Acoustic 495 D coverings with LA-53 acoustical batting in Black
Installer: SnapTex NW
Image provided by CLIPSO


Dental Office – Arlington, Virginia
Materials: 50% Translucent 308 T coverings with custom print
Installer: Unique Construction
Image provided by CLIPSO


Restaurant Lobby and Bar Area – Los Angeles, CA
Materials: 30% Translucent 307 T coverings with custom-print, and Standard 705 S coverings in Black
Installer: Preferred Ceilings
Image provided by CLIPSO

Ready to upgrade your business with CLIPSO SO DECO? Schedule a consultation with one of our stretch fabric experts today.

A Letter To Our Statewide Family

Statewide General Contractor Metal Frame

First and foremost, we hope you are staying safe and healthy during this time. We are closely monitoring the events surrounding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and have made the necessary steps to ensure the health and safety of the job site and our workers and are following all recommendations made by the CDC (see below).


  • Hand-washing facilities with soap are to be provided in easily accessible locations throughout the jobsite. Where no washing facilities are available, workers should be provided with hand sanitizer containing at least 60% ethyl alcohol.
  • Workers are encouraged to wash hands at breaks and as frequently as possible.


  • Signage is to be placed at the entrances to jobsites and in other prominent areas barring employees with COVID-19 symptoms, listing CDC recommendations, and encouraging good personal hygiene practices, like staying home when sick, and coughing and sneezing etiquette.

Hoists and Elevators

  • The maximum number of occupants on hoists and elevators is to be limited.
  • The hoist gate will only be opened and closed by the hoist operator.
  • Hoists and elevators are to be sanitized daily.

Social Distancing

  • All workers are to maintain six feet of separation, where possible.
  • No more than 10 people shall gather when a meeting is required, even when conducted outside.
  • Stacking of trades in the same area is to be avoided, whenever possible.
  • Items such as tools, tablets, pens, and other personal items should not be shared;
  • shared items must be sanitized between uses.

Personal Responsibilities

  • Workers with CDC designated symptoms, such as fever, cough, and shortness of breath, are to stay home and not report to work. Workers exhibiting these symptoms are to be sent home immediately.
  • In addition to other personal protective equipment (PPE), every person on the jobsite must wear safety glasses or a face shield and are encouraged to wear cloth/fabric face masks.
  • Workers are encouraged to bring their own water containers for their personal use only. Bottled water may be provided as appropriate.
  • Personal tools are not to be shared.

We are currently listed as an essential business and are open for our regular business hours while we continue to make your dreams become reality.

-Statewide General Contracting and Construction

(updated as of 4/24)