Cover Unfinished Pipes or Unaesthetic Ceilings

get rid of ugly ceilings

Changing the unsightly appearance of your ceiling or wanting to make a trendy shift from the ordinary can be laborious to even think about. Whether it be pipes that affect the aesthetic of your house or just grim designs, factors like this can ruin how welcoming your home feels to you and your guests. Some of us don’t even know where to start, which is why we’ve put together a shortlist of ways to cover unfinished pipes or unaesthetic ceilings.

Pipe Boxing

Image: Pipe Boxing

Pipe boxing is very literal, building boxing around the pipes. It is an effective way to hide the ill-favored look of pipes that plumbers might have had to retrofit onto walls. This type of coverage is more common in kitchens or bathrooms where the pipes come straight out of the ceilings or floor. If you’re pretty handy, you can do this yourself and adjust it to your own boxing design. 

Dry Wall

Image: Dry Wall

Drywall can be used in any scenario. You can still use drywall if you do the pipe boxing method by applying the drywall on top of your pipe encasement to better suit your wall design and diminish the look of the boxing. If you choose not to do the pipe boxing method, you can apply drywall around the pipes to make them less visible, though this won’t completely hide them. One of your options with drywall could also include dropping your ceiling and applying layers of drywall to cover it. Keep in mind that if you were to need access to these pipes, the removal of this now dropped ceiling would need to be done.

Ceiling Tiles

We mentioned dropped ceilings and drywall in our previous tip, but many types of ceiling tiles and cover-ups serve as an economical solution:

  • surface-mount ceiling tiles
  • Tin ceilings
  • Styrofoam ceiling tiles
  • Paneling 
  • PVC ceiling tiles

If space allows you don’t have to have a dropped ceiling to apply these methods. Ceiling tiles and coverings as such can also be an easier way to express your artistic desires for your ceiling.

Nuwalls Stretch Fabric

Image: A wall designed with Nuwalls Stretch Fabric.


For a more breathable yet still viable solution, there is Nuwalls stretch fabric. Stretch fabric can be customizable to your liking and design. It is durable and mold and mildew resistant. Also, unlike some other solutions, it will absorb noise pollution. This may require a dropped ceiling but can ultimately be placed on top of other types of encasements to make installation easier. For more information on our Nuwalls stretch fabric and the best solution for you contact us today!

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