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Creative Ways To Use Stretch Fabric In Your Kids Rooms

Designing your children’s room can feel like a task all in itself, but it doesn’t have to be! Using stretch fabric is both an affordable and original way to make the bedroom look fun.

Not only do stretch fabrics allow you to personalize your kid’s room how you want it, but they are also super easy to apply!

Stretch Fabric Accent Walls

Incorporating a playful accent wall can make all the difference when it comes to the look and feel of your kid’s room. This adds a pop of color and texture while also keeping the room cohesive.

Stretch fabrics are perfect for creating that artistic aspect into your boy or girl’s room. Anything from stripes + polka dots to fun art prints like animal designs can be just what the room needs to bring it to life!

Be mindful of the furniture pieces and other aspects of the room that you will be incorporating, so that the accent wall will complement the space.

A stretch fabric accent wall in a kid's room for the statewide blog

Cloud Forms

A popular way to add lighting to your kid’s bedroom would be using cloud forms! They are simply unique and customizable light fixtures that can be built into your ceilings for optimal brightness.

A new + more modern take on your standard lighting, cloud forms are a great option for those of you who want that tailor-made design. From shape to fabric, there are many options to choose from.

Cloud forms will add dimension and an overall eclectic design element to your children’s bedroom!

Acoustic Wall Panels / Ceilings

When it comes to the design of your kid’s room, sound-proof walls are a must. As we all know, our little ones make lots of noise during playtime or even when they are trying to fall asleep at night.

Creating a sound-proof environment for their bedroom will allow them to sleep well at night without having to hear noise coming from the other room.

Acoustic wall panels/ceilings work to alleviate any sounds coming into the bedroom and reduce echo/noise levels inside the bedroom as well. They provide a nice look to the room and serve a purpose.

Acoustic stretch fabric panels on a wall for the statewide blog

If you are looking for a beautiful renovation for your kid’s bedroom or your home in general, visit the Statewide website to learn more about the different services we offer! Schedule a consultation to set up your stretch fabric design.

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